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Salesforce Functions | Now extend salesforce with other languages

1. Salesforce Functions allow you to extend Salesforce business logic using industry-standard programming languages within the Salesforce trust boundary.

2. You can use open-source or third-party frameworks and your team can use their preferred language and tools to develop Salesforce solutions.

3. Functions work seamlessly with your existing org resources and authenticate at run-time, making it easy to stay on the Salesforce Platform.

4. Functions allow you to perform compute-heavy tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do in your org and automatically scale with load.

5. Functions are deployed to a separate secure infrastructure managed by Salesforce and don't run in your org's infrastructure. You develop and test functions in isolated testing and production "spaces".

6. Functions are contained in a functions directory of a Salesforce DX project and are deployed to a Salesforce compute environment.

7. Functions are continuously updated to ensure a secure compute environment and available in different regions.

8.They cannot be packaged yet.


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